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Together we can create something great

Define Design is renowned for our ability to create unique and timeless interiors. All it takes is a comfortable collaboration. Let us define what luxury means to you.  


Every day should be a resort day

Often time we are distracted with the rest of life. We neglect the one place we spend the most time in, our homes. We don’t take the time to pamper ourselves with comfortable interiors. Interiors that provide a proper place to entertain friends and family or relax and recharge. Your home should be a special place that reflects your values and personality. It should be comfortable and presentable. Your home should support your lifestyle. Define Design has the experience and tools to make your home a personal resort.


Great design starts with a dialogue

It all starts with a consultation. We listen and discuss what is important to you and your home. We identify what style appeals to you.  Do you have allergies or special circumstances.  Is this your forever home. Are you planning to age in place. What sort of lifestyle do you live within your home. With the right design we may even change your lifestyle. Giving you a home that reflects your personality with style and grace. 

Why do you need an Interior Designer?

I have ideas and personality

Don't we know it. We will check our ego at the door. We know this is your home and you have ideas. Using our skills and abilities we will refine and curate your great ideas into even better execution. Our attention to detail will allow your great ideas to truly sing.

TV makes it look easy

Construction is tuff. Just ask anyone who has built a custom home or renovated. Mistakes are easy to make when you are outside your comfort zone. All the shelter shows and magazines make it look dreamy and easy to do. The reality can be quite different. Sometimes the mistakes can be bloody expensive. We'll save you the mistakes so you don't have to live with them.

I Already have an Architect.

We play well with others. We love collaborating with talented and knowledgable Architects, Landscape Architects and General Contractors. We can work with the team to create a holistic design that connects seamlessly from space to space. Also, We can be your design advocate. We are always looking out for our clients best interests. Every choice should provide value. Let our passion and expertise make your home something truly special.


Fine Residence Services

  • Programing We love an early start. In the programming and design development phase we can instill our wisdom and guidance with you and your design team. We will use our skills and good taste to be your design advocate. Consider us your canary in the mine. We will alert you to any issues. We believe in honor and loyalty and strive to protect your investment. We love creating holistic designs that honor the respective skills of Architects, Landscape Architects and Land Planners. We can help your design team create engaging building elevations and material selections. 

  • Interior Architecture  We create fascinating and aspirational interiors using your personality and preferences as a framework.  Thoughtful interior selections can create a harmony; where the sum is greater than the parts. We design with zero based budgeting in mind. We are firm believers that every dollar spent should perform. We create uber-detailed deliverables that include fabulous drawings and specifications. This insures your general contractor has all the information they need to correctly execute the design.

  • Interior Decorating ​​ Time to ice the cake. With the Interior Architecture phase complete and construction underway. Define Design brings it all together with beautiful and functional furniture. Many Interior Decorators can put together a great looking interior but they often fail on function and durability. We can provide furniture that holds up to life. We know pets and children can be tough on fabrics. We often select contract fabrics that have superior durability and stain resistance without sacrificing looks. We source from some of the best furniture and fabric manufacturers in the world. We're big on quality over quantity. Did I mention we have the best mover and installation team too!

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