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Details Interior Design, The premier boutique Interior Design firm is reborn. The gold standard remains the same. After 40 years the old guard is ready to step down. The new guard is ready to take command while still valuing the principles that got us here.


Details Interior Design is renowned for the ability to create unique interiors and timeless design. Through comfortable collaboration with the client we are able to create Interior Architecture that provides inspiration and warmth. Design is hard to measure but we all know good design when it is experienced. Good design makes people comfortable and engaged in their surroundings. Often time we are distracted with the rest of life. We don’t take the time to pamper ourselves with comfortable interiors that provide a proper place to entertain friends and family or relax and recharge. We neglect the place we spend the most time in, our homes. Your home should be special place that reflects your values and personality. Details Interior Design has the experience and tools to make that happen for you.


You have ideas and personality, Why do you need a Interior Designer. We love client ideas. Details Interior Design has the ability to refine and curate your great ideas into even better execution. Our attention to details, hints the name, will allow your great ideas to truly sing.

Construction is tuff. Just ask anyone who has built a custom home or renovated. Mistakes are easy to make when you are outside your comfort zone. All the shelter shows and magazines make it look dreamy and easy to do. The reality can be quite different. Sometimes the mistakes can be bloody expensive. Quality construction takes good planning. We love collaborating our talents with Architects, Landscape Architects and General Contractors. Let our passion and expertise make your home something special and skip the mistakes.


You may be asking yourself why have I never heard of you. Although the combined value of all our commissions is an ever climbing 9 digit number we keep a low key presence. We don’t advertise and rely entirely on word of mouth. We encourage you to ask around about us. Many clients start out skeptical but are over the moon when the dust settles. Most clients become lifetime friends and regularly call with new projects. We would much rather have a few good clients than to dilute ourselves trying to appease the masses.

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